Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today's Dose of Nice

I have to be honest...the last few days have been not-so-nice. I've felt really tense and irritable. I kept trying to turn it around, putting myself out there, hoping something would change. But I felt like walls were erupting were green pastures had been only moments before.

Until today! Today has been intensely wonderful and yet not so out of the ordinary that it sets the bar for tomorrow too high.

Left on my own, the Usual Suspect (aka my significant other) deciding to work today, I was on the verge of feeling lonely/cranky/frustrated and was dreading another day I couldn't seem to salvage.

But instead, I pulled myself together, looked at the movie schedule and found something I could attend (on my own) for $1.50. Right up my alley budget-wise.

After the flick, I washed my car. I stood back and looked at how shiny it was and then it hit me- grattitude. I suddenly felt as shiny as my car looked. I was filled with a feeling and thanks for all the opportunities I am afforded in my everyday life. My home, the Usual Suspect, my car that takes me places I love and my ability to attend school full time.

So going to the movies and washing my car doesn't always equate to such a wonderful feeling; but today it was just what I needed to turn me around.


  1. I love your perspective on life and how you are living and what a difference you are making in the world !

    seriously....I think it's just fantastic !!!

  2. Thanks, Beth!

    Good luck with your new photography website and Have a Nice Day!