Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the Beginning...

There was nice!

Theology aside, I think people are born with a desire to treat others nicely. And then we get our first bout of hiccups and think- What the &!3$@ was that all about?! and we get cranky and we start to cry so hard that our faces get all red and it's all downhill from there.

Or is it?
Of course that's an exaggerated view on why people don't act nicely, but it's not all that far off. It just takes one small tiny thing to set us up for crankiness for the rest of the day. Your coffee was too hot, so you had to wait. Then your hair started doing that thing you hate. Then your boss asks you if you'd mind filing that report a day early because he'd like to take Friday off. There's no niceness here.

But what if that thing that started your day had been something nice? Your son picked up his stinky gym shorts from the bathroom floor this morning. You had an extra five minutes before you had to come back from your lunch and so you soaked up the sun while listening to Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thang. Your dog senses your good mood and starts rolling around with her rubber chew-toy and you just HAVE TO SMILE.

It's just one tick off from cranky, but nice is so much...well, nicer.

So just for today give it a try. Instead of looking for the cranky, look for the nice in your day. If you can't find any- create some! And if you create nice for someone else be forewarned: It will come back to you.