Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dusting Off the Keyboard

So. I didn't mean to take my last posting so seriously. I sort of let myself drift off into blog-less land for a while. It was nice but I miss the outlet and the flux of cool people I tend to meet via blogging.

This week I will be performing my first assignment from another nice blogger, Melissa of Operation who was inspired by a suggestion from Emma who read it on Jackie's site, Letters and Journals. (see how infectious this stuff is!!?)

I'll give you the skinny version: Write 10 Thank You cards and send 'em out.

When I have my list completed, I'll return and post who I sent them to and why. Should be fun!

Thank you- Melissa, Emma and Jackie for starting off this chain of niceness.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disconnecting is Nice

I'm on my version of Summer break from school. Classes resume the end of September. I have a love/hate relationship with breaks.

On one hand I love the bonus free time. On the other hand, I really know how to fill that bonus free time with things that aren't very healthy for me.

Lately, I've noticed that when my lack of structure starts to overwhelm me, I turn to social networking. That's right...Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, email, blogging.

It's AMAZING how fast the time goes when you're glued to your keyboard. Is it wasted? No. I don't think so. I've learned so much and met the most wonderful people through these activities. But there comes a point at which too much of a good thing is just plain too much.

So over the last week or so I cut some serious ties. I tweeted my last message on Twitter. Myspace, a veritable lifeblood for my social life the last four years, finally drew it's last breath. I have kept a Facebook profile and my blogs. I also completely shut down my laptop and put it in a drawer when not in use.

As much as I miss the instant information, it's been sort of nice not knowing that:
Steve just ate a plate of spaghetti and wants to pass out
or that
Kimmy took her dog to the vet and he has worms
or that
Bob has a high score of 8,093,258 on Gangsta Groupies
or that
Mary is now 20 miles from home....
35 miles from home....
47 miles from home (you get the picture.)

Disconnecting from these things has forced me to go back into my life and find things that make me happy, that make me feel productive, that come only from within me.

I'd forgotten I could do that. And you know what? I'm finding it's pretty nice to get to know myself again.